Burger Buns (panini per hamburger)

Burger Buns or burger buns are really simple to make following my recipe.

The buns are sweet and very soft sandwiches originating in the United States.

You can make them either round so as burger buns, or elongated if you want to enjoy them as hot dogs.

What would a burger be if eaten without this wonderful sesame seed covered bun? Just a meatball? and also badly done?

The Burger Buns dough is made from 00 flour and 0 water, milk, eggs, sugar and butter, obviously to make them even softer I also use acacia honey, which also gives our sandwiches a more beautiful color during cooking.

In the video recipe I will also show you how to make Burger Buns for the double cheeseburger, it will be enough for you to equip yourself with containing circles in my case of 8 cm to make them taller.

As for the size of your burger buns, you can adjust them according to how big your burgers are.

I had 70-gram burgers so I made 80-gram sandwiches of dough each.

Many had asked me to make them, but for one thing or another I had always put other recipes in front of me.

But you dear little hearts did not get discouraged, in fact you made them anyway with my recipe for sesame sandwiches for panelle, and I must say that perhaps it was this that made me take my time, because they came wonderful.

Thanks always for the trust you place in my recipes❤️ your every photo flatters me a lot.

Having said that I hope that you like this recipe as well and it is useful to you, leave me a comment so that I understand it.

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A hug Laura





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